Japanese Quality Plastic High Index Lenses

Asahi Lite Optical Co., Ltd. was established in 1980. From the very beginning, we have been dedicated to developing plastic high index lenses, and we are proud to be the first manufacturer of 1.60 index, 1.67 index and 1.74 index lenses worldwide.

Our headquarters is located in Sabae City, Fukui, Japan, where we continue to manufacture plastic lenses, with a primary focus on 1.74 index lenses. Our lenses are distributed to over 50 countries across the globe through ASAHI-LITE partners. They are highly regarded as premium products crafted with Japanese quality.

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We are

ASAHI-LITE is our flagship lens brand, boasting over 40 years of history. Thanks to our official brand partners, ASAHI-LITE lenses are now available worldwide.


Our Lens Quality

Many customers around the world have praised our products, noting that both finished and semi-finished lenses match the specifications in our catalog.

While it may seem straightforward for lenses to align with the catalog, producing plastic lenses with precise base curves through the cooling and heating of monomer is quite challenging.


Our Mission

As a pioneer in the field, we boast extensive experience and a wealth of knowledge in manufacturing Plastic High Index lenses.

Our fundamental mission is to enhance people’s vision through our lenses, thereby contributing to a better quality of life worldwide.


Four Key Strengths of ASAHI-LITE

At Asahi Lite Optical Co., Ltd., we may not be a giant, but we take immense pride in our sophisticated “Technology”, high “Quality”, excellent “Service” and unwavering “Passion” for conducting business ethically and transparently.      We wholeheartedly support independent eye care.


Over 40 years ago, while most of our competitors were busy producing CR lenses, we remained steadfast in our commitment to plastic high-index lenses. Our unwavering focus on these lenses, rooted in a rich history of manufacturing expertise, has allowed us to cultivate sophisticated techniques and knowledge over time.


Since the 1960s, Japanese products such as electronics, cars, and motorcycles have been renowned for their high quality and durability. Our lenses undergo rigorous inspection by discerning Japanese eyes every day.


Respecting our customers is ingrained in our DNA. The thoughtful service and unwavering commitment to doing our best for our customers have been referred to as “Omotenashi” since ancient times.


We are driven by a strong desire for independence. Our goal is to simplify the lens business and enhance lives by providing high-quality lenses to each and every one of you.