With being proud of Japan Quality

Asahi Lite Optical Co., Ltd. is a plastic high index lens
manufacturer located in Japan since 1980.

Plastic High Index Lens, from JAPAN

Asahi Lite Optical Co., Ltd. was established in 1980 year. From beginning stage, we keep focusing on the development of plastic high index lens and come to be known as a first manufactuerer of 1.60 index and 1.67 index in the world.

We are staying in Sabae-City, Fukui JAPAN still, and keep manufacturing  plastic lenses, mainly1.74 index lenses. Our lenses reach more than 50 countries all over the world through ASAHI-LITE agents and customers and are welcomed for high-end products for executive persons.

young man with glasses with shiny sun


ASAHI-LITE brand is our signature lens brand beard from its more than 40 years history. Thanks to official brand partners, ASAHI-LITE is available everywhere in the world.

Asahi-Lite booth at exhibition


Asahi-Lite booth at exhibition
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Lots of customers worldwide appraise our products as “Both finished and semi-finished lenses are same as its catalog specification.”.

It sounds plenty normal that lens is same as catalog, however it is not so easy to produce plastic lenses with accurate base curve by cooling and heating monomar.


Asahi Lite is like
“Lens Smith”

As a pioneer, we are well-experienced and have huge know-how of manufacturing Plastic High Index lens.

Our core mission is to supply better eyes of view through our lenses whereby we can supply better life to the world.


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A few things we’re great at

Asahi Lite Optical Co., Ltd. is not the giant but we are proud of and great at sophisticated Technology, excellent Service, high Quality and Passion for doing business ethically and transparently, we support independent eye care.


40 years ago, most of competitors produced CR lenses. However we keep focusing on plastic high index lenses from such era. We have sophisticated technique and knowledge which is grown in long history as a manufacturer.


To respect customers is programmed into our DNA. Well considerate service and attitude to do best for customers always is called “Omotenashi” from ancient era.


From 1960’s, Japanese products like electronics, car and motor cycle are well known for its high quality and durability. Our lenses are inspected by such severe eyes of Japenese everyday.


We have a passion to be an indipendent, to keep lens business simple and to propose better life through supplying our good lenses to you, everyone.